Campus Ministry

Northern Ireland March 2007

Spring Break Mission Trip to Northern Ireland, March 2007

This was the first of three trips we have taken to Northern Ireland (the other two in 2010 and 2012) to work with our friends Desi and Pamela Fisher with Adventure Leadership Training.  ALT ministers to young people in extreme sports settings to build relationships, especially between Protestant and Catholic youth.  We had a wonderful week in and around Annalong on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland.  One exciting part of the trip was this was the first time Campus Minister Ben Gates was afforded to the opportunity to drive on the wrong side ("left side") of the road--an experience he has repeated on every subsequent trip with increasing skill and delight.  The first time was nerve wracking--see images below of Ben behind the wheel and the primitive system he used to remember to stay to the left.  You will also see pictures of team member Nikki Wilson Hooker with the beautiful Antrim Coast behind her.  You will see students crossing Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge for the first time--really beautiful but also really high.  Students should not have bounced on the bridge with the Campus Minister started to cross!  Team member Ryan Kreger is pictured with two young boys he met at a Youth for Christ Center in Donaghadee.  We did a lot of youth ministry during the week.  We also did some painting at a local Presbyterian church--the team of female painters in a dramatic pose below is the clue to this activity.  Finally, we prayer walked the grounds of ALT's future camp site, Eagle Creek.  Pictured is team member Jenny Sorgen trying to avoid falling into a little creek on the camp site.

Ben Gates driving on the left

Stay to the left signage

Nikki Hooker and the Antrim CoastRyan Kreger with YFC youth

Carrick-a-Rede Suspension Bridge

Female Painting Crew at Presbyterian church

Jenny Sorgen at Eagle Creek camp site