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New York City Trip, Summer, 2000

Summer Mission to New York City, 2000

Campus Ministry made its first summer mission trip in 2000 to New York City.  Working alongside of a mission agency called Forward Edge, and team leaders Tom and Linda Nolan, we traveled to the "Big Apple" to do ministry on the streets of NYC.  We also worked with a ministry in the city called "Street Life Ministries" and stayed in their dormitory for short-term mission teams.  During the week, we prayed for people on street corners, distributed food, blankets and clothing to the homeless, shared our testimonies in rescue missions and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the most famous city in the United States.  We made a trip to the top of the twin towers a little over a year before they would be attacked on 9/11.  We made another trip to New York City in the summer of 2011.  Below are pictures of the team ministering with Street Life, enjoying a meal in New York City and more.

Times Corner, NYC

Meal out in NYC

New York City mission team 2000Distributing food with Street Life