Campus Ministry

Navajo Reservation in New Mexico March 2002

Spring Break Mission Trip to the Four Corners Area of New Mexico to work on a Navajo Reservation, March 2002

Part of New Mexico Mission Team

Painting a Navajo home in New Mexico

Serving in a Navajo Day Care

Navajo hogan in New Mexico

In March of 2002, Campus Ministry made its second spring break mission trip to a Native American reservation.  In 1999, we worked with on an Apache reservation in Arizona.  In 2002, we visited the "Four Corners" area of New Mexico and served on a Navajo Reservation.  This was our fourth mission trip working with Forward Edge International (FEI).  In the first picture above, you can see a portion of the team with the characteristic desert scenery (very beautiful!) of this region.  Two of the ways we served our Native American hosts during the week was to paint some residences for the elderly and those who could not paint their houses themselves (picture #2)--we also loved on and encouraged small children in a Navajo Day Care (picture #3).  The Navajo are famous for their unique traditional dwellings--the "hogan."  You can see a Navajo hogan in the final image above.  It was a great trip for the students who traveled with us to New Mexico!