Campus Ministry

Naples, Italy March 2008

Spring Break Mission Trip to Naples, Italy March 2008

Italy mission team gathers at airport on the way to Naples.

Campus Minister Ben Gates with GLO missionary Patrizio Zucchetto preaching

Team members distribute gospel tracts in Italian mail boxes.

Team members pose outside of an evangelical church in Naples

Team members enjoying the beach on the Mediterranean sea in Italy

Italy team members end the week enjoying a visit to the Roman Colosseum

Here are some pictures from our spring break mission trip to Naples, Italy in March of 2008.  As you can tell from the first picture above, we had a large team of students participate in this trip--they are sporting their custom-designed trip T-shirts at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport as we left for Italy.  Two other team members, our friends Pamela and Pippa Fisher from Northern Ireland, joined us for the week once we arrived in Naples.  Our host ministry partner in Naples was GLO (Gospel Literature Outreach).  GLO missionary Patrizio Zucchetto is shown in the second image translating for Campus Minister Ben Gates as he preaches a sermon in a small church in Naples.  Patrizio and his wife Jennifer have become good friends of Campus Ministry and we hope to go back to serve with them again soon.  As the name of the ministry implies, one of the strategies used by GLO for sharing the gospel in Italy is tract distribution.  In the third picture, two of our students are stuffing Italian mail boxes with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We learned just enough Italian to explain what we were doing if we were asked during the stuffing process.  Four of the female members of our team stand outside of an evangelical church in Naples one evening after a worship service in the fourth photo on this page.  The smiles indicate that they are having a great time serving the Lord in Italy.  We also ate a lot of pasta this week.  The week ended with a visit to the beach in Naples next to the Mediterranean Sea (fifth image) and a visit to Rome on the way home; team members are shown posing inside of the Roman Colosseum in the final image above.  It was a trip that we will remember for a long time--great moments and great opportunities to share the love of Christ!