Campus Ministry

Juarez, Mexico March 2001

Spring Break Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico - March, 2001

Jake Schierling shows off strength at airport

Playing with children in Juarez, Mexico

Jake and team members gather with Mexican chidren

We enjoyed our visit to Juarez, Mexico so much in March of 2000 that we went right back during spring break in 2001.  On both trips, we worked with Forward Edge International (FEI).  On this trip, we joined with another student group from another university.  In the first picture above, Campus Ministry Intern, wearing his trip T-shirt, is getting to know a student from the other team by lifting her at the airport while waiting on a plane.  Wonder if he was trying to impress her with his strength?  Once again, we spent a lot of time with children on this trip.  In picture #2, you see one of our team members playing games with some young Mexican children.  More children are gathered around Jake and two of our team members for a special photo opportunity in the final image above.  We loved working with FEI in Juarez as we served the congregation of Ebn-Ezer Church two years running.