Campus Ministry

Juarez, Mexico March 2000

Spring Break Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico -- March, 2000

Juarez Team in front of Ebn Ezer Church

Team sharing with school children

Team painting fence along church property

Mountain outside of Juarez near church

Here are some pictures from one of our earliest mission trips in March of 2000 to Juarez, Mexico.  This is the first of two trips we took to Juarez; the other was the next year in 2001.  On these trips, we worked with a short-term mission trip agency called Forward Edge International (FEI) before we felt confident in our abilities to organize our own trips.  FEI had contacts with a church and ministry in Juarez called Ebn-Ezer Church.  You can see our 2000 mission trip team in front of the Ebn-Ezer Church in the first image above.  In the second picture down, some of the team members are sharing their faith with young children in a school run by the church on their building site.  Youth ministry is always an important aspect of our ministry on our spring break mission trips.  We also are not afraid to put in some hard labor when it will serve the churches or missions we serve cross-culturally on these trips.  In the third image down, some team members are painting a fence on the church property.  In the final image above, you see a mountain that our teams climbed in both 2000 and 2001 at the end of the week.  We then prayed over the city of Juarez from this mountain top and asked the Lord to bless the city with His Presence and to empower the ministry of Ebn-Ezer Church in Juarez.  We have good friends in Juarez and are very grateful for what we learned about leading mission trips from this experience working with Forward Edge International.