Campus Ministry

Sofia, Plovdiv, and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria March 2013

Spring Break Mission Trip to Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, March 2013

Marissa Seese shares in church service

Team sings in Sofia Church service

Guys cleaning up yard outside of church

Face Painting at Sofia Kidsfest

Distributing Food and Praying with Roma Family

Kassi Galbreath at church service in Stara Zagora

Here are some visual highlights of our trip to Bulgaria in March of 2013.  We ministered in the cities of Sofia and Stara Zagora with a nice stop in the beautiful city of Plovdiv in between.  We ended the week with a visit to Philippi and Thessaloniki, Greece.  In the first picture above, team member Marissa Seese is sharing her faith story in a Sunday morning service at The Bridge Church in Sofia, pastored by our friend Dinko Zlatarov--who is translating for Marissa.  Dinko is also the executive director of Care For All Ministries, our partners when we visit Bulgaria to serve.  The second picture shows almost our entire Bulgaria mission team singing a praise song in the same church service in Sofia.  The third image down shows team members Austin Barr, Derek Desjardins and Ryan Guiff cleaning up the yard outside of a church plant in a Roma (Gypsy) section of Sofia.  The church is called "The Bridge II" since it was planted by Care For All.  Dinko's vision is to plant a church in every Roma neighborhood in Sofia.  The next picture shows Marissa Seese doing face, and in this case, arm painting at a "Kidsfest" that we led outside of The Bridge II on Monday afternoon.  Our face painting, game playing and popcorn/cotton candy give away was followed by an open air evangelistic service that our team led.  Also that day, we distributed food to needy Roma families and prayed with   them.  We did this in both Sofia and Stara Zagora.  In the fifth picture above, team member Derek Desjardins is sharing some food with a family and praying for them as well.  In the final image, team members Kassi Galbreath and Katie Mathews are holding Roma children at a packed church service in Stara Zagora that our team also led.  This service was composed of many Turkish Roma converts from Islam who are now living in Bulgaria.  We had a great time on this second visit to Bulgaria!