Campus Ministry

Belfast, Northern Ireland March 2015

Spring Break Mission Trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland in March 2015 (Our Fourth Visit)

Campus Minister Ben Gates and ALT Director Desi Fisher

CM Students Leading Worship

CM Team helps Irish kids make craft masks

Leading Super Hero Worship song

Planting Trees at Eagle Creek

Team in front of boyhood home of C.S. Lewis

Belfast Peace Wall

Team at Giant's Causeway

Here are some pictures from our fourth visit to the hauntingly beautiful island of Northern Ireland.  We traveled there in March of 2015 with a large team of 22 participants.  Once again, we worked side by side with our dear friends and partners in ministry, Desi and Pamela Fisher, who co-direct a ministry called Adventure Leadership Training.  (Campus Minister Ben Gates is standing with Desi Fisher in the first image above.)  ALT ministers to young people, Protestants and Catholics, as well as their families, seeking to share the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of reconciliation in this land troubled by historic division.  As usual, our team engaged in ministry and service--but we had a lot of fun along the way.  We produced one of the finest Bible schools for local children that has ever been witnessed on our 22 mission trips to this point.  We also partnered with a local church in their worship experiences.  In pictures 2-4 above, you can see our students helping to lead worship during a church service, pose with local children who have just made "superhero" masks as a craft item, and join children in a hearty rendition of "Jesus, You're My Superhero!"  This song was the theme for our Bible School all week long.  Campus Ministry students also helped to plant trees (in the rain--ugh!--see photo 5 above) at Eagle Creek, the land owned by ALT along the Annalong Coast--a respite and retreat for individuals and families to find peace and healing in the Lord.  But we had fun, too, visiting some places that tourists might see if they visited Northern Ireland--the peace wall in Belfast (image 6), the boyhood home of C.S. Lewis in the Holywood section of Belfast (image 7) and Giant's Causeway, an incredible rock formation along the Antrim Coast (image 8).  We can't wait to return to this enchanting place for another adventure in mission together with our friends at Adventure Leadership Training.