Campus Ministry

Belfast, Northern Ireland March 2010

Spring Break Mission Trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland March 2010

The future site of Eagle Creek camp owned by Adventure Leadership Training in Northern Ireland

Derek and Brogan plan ministry to children in Belfast

Shana Beers with a small group of Irish children

Team member Lauren Drefke with two Irish children

In March of 2010, we made our second trip to Northern Ireland to serve with our friends Desi and Pamela Fisher, staff for Adventure Leadership Training.  Click back on our March 2007 trip for more details about the Fishers and ALT.  In the first picture above, you see an absolutely beautiful view of the land called "Eagle Creek" where ALT hopes to build a family camp so that they will have a facility to disciple youth and families as they follow Jesus Christ.  In our three trips to Northern Ireland, we have visited Eagle Creek each time and "prayerwalked" the grounds each time.  On this visit and our third visit, we also helped clean the land of debris and overgrowth.  We love Eagle Creek and feel very invested in its future--a point that Desi Fisher impresses on us each time we visit.  In 2007, we stayed in Annalong and ministered in small towns throughout Northern Ireland.  On this trip, we focused on ministry in the city of Belfast--famous for the "Troubles" between Protestants and Catholics dating back for centuries but an era that worsened in the 20th century and especially in the 1970's.  Belfast basically became a war zone street by street.  During this trip, we spent an evening with an ex-IRA member and an ex-Protestant militia member, both of whom were Christians, as they described time in jail and their conversion to Christ.  We saw the remnants of this religious/political battle in the form of murals painted on the sides of buildings in certain sections of town.  A "Peace Wall" still runs through Belfast separating residential areas for Catholics and those for Protestants.  Times are much better now--but the "Troubles" have left their legacy, not the least of which takes the form of emotional, psychological and spiritual scars for the children of Belfast.  So, on this trip, we focused on providing daily ministry in a youth center in Belfast.  You can see team members Brogan Stillman and Derek Ziegler planning a skit in one corner of the gymnasium where we provided ministry each day.  The third and fourth pictures show team members encouraging young Irish children.  In the third photo, team member Shana Beers talks to children in one of our small groups.  In the fourth photo, team member Lauren Drefke is pictured with two new friends.  On the way home, this team was delayed for two days in New York City, so they got an extra fun day in Manhattan on the way home.