Campus Ministry

Mission Trips

Campus Ministry takes international mission trips every March spring break and sometimes during the summer as well.  We believe that students need to see that the Body of Christ is global and God has blessed us with friends and ministry partners all over the world.  While God sends us to be a blessing to others, most often the greatest work by the Lord is done in the hearts of the trip team members themselves.

In March of 2017, we took a team of 11 to Rajahmundry, India for our fourth visit to this fascinating place.  We worked with our friends at Gateway Ministries directed by our dear brother in Christ, Pastor V.S.C. Prasad.  Prasad oversees 100 rural village churches along with a Christian School and an abandoned children's home.  We ministered in all of these places.  We also conducted a Pastor's Conference for over 80 pastors and their wives while we were in India.  Check out the link below to see pictures of the visit.

In March of 2018, we traveled to Northern Ireland for our fifth visit.  We will took a team of 21 to work with our friends at Adventure Leadership Training, directed by long-time partners and dear brother and sister in Christ, Desi and Pamela Fisher.  We ministered through school assemblies, after school programming and drop-in centers in and around the town of Annalong.  We also experienced the wonderful history and culture of this beautiful place. 

We are now recruiting for mission trip number 26 since 1997, a return trip to Bulgaria to work with our friends and partner ministry, Care For All, directed by Dinko Zlatarov.  We will be traveling to Bulgaria in March of 2019 (March 1-9).  We will spend the week serving the Roma (gypsy) people, a persecuted, impoverished minority in Eastern Europe.  We will share in their church services, do street carnivals for the children and distribute food to families (as well as pray with them).  If you would like information about this trip, just email Campus Minister Ben Gates at

Below, you will find a list of the places we have visited on our mission trips.  You may click on the names of these locations to see some pictures from the trips listed.