Credential Evaluation

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Students who have completed studies outside of the United States are required to submit a credential evaluation report. Use the information below to find out how to get your international academic records submitted to IPFW.

What Is credential evaluation?

Credential evaluations provide IPFW with an official report that lists courses that you have taken and the grades that you received with the U.S. equivalent numbers of credits earned and grade average.

Please note, academic documents that are sent directly to IPFW by the applicant will not be accepted nor can they be returned to the sender. Reports must be provided directly to the IPFW Office of Admissions by the accredited credential evaluation report provider.

How can I get a credential evaluation report?

Various accredited services are available to provide a credential evaluation report. The following service providers are commonly used by IPFW applicants:

The credential evaluation process can take several weeks to complete, so we strongly urge applicants to begin the process as early as possible. Applications will not be complete until IPFW has received credit evaluation reports for all academic credential earned outside of the U.S.

Applicants may be required to pay applicable service fees to the credential evaluation report provider.

Credential evaluation reports must contain "course by course" information.

For questions about credential evaluations, please contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 260-481-6812 or by email to

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