About Us


PLAN 2020: The 2014-2020 IPFW Strategic Plan [PDF] was developed as the successor to Strategies for Excellence: The IPFW Strategic Plan 2008-2014 [PDF]

It refines IPFW’s mission, values, and vision and focuses the university's energies around four major goals:

  • Foster student success
  • Promote the creation, integration, and application of knowledge
  • Serve as a regional intellectual, cultural, and economic hub for global competitiveness
  • Create a stronger university through improving the support of stakeholders and the quality and efficiency of the organization

A Collaborative Effort

PLAN 2020 is the result of collaboration, a commitment to inclusion, countless hours of thoughtful discussion, a respect for diverse ideas and input. In all, almost 600 faculty, staff, students, administrators and community supporters provided input, insights, advice and consultation to the development of the plan.

Work to develop PLAN 2020 began in 2012. The process included a number of focus groups led by Vice Chancellor Carl Drummond, surveys and/or interviews of faculty, students, staff and community supporters, an internal strategic plan leadership group which developed the plan, and a Senate Ad Hoc Strategic Plan Committee which reviewed the plan and provided recommendations.