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About the Realignment

IPFW is in the midst of a transition as a result of a realignment agreement signed by the Purdue and IU Boards of Trustees during their respective December 2016 meeting. The realignment agreement came as a result of recommendations released in January 2016 by the Legislative Services Agency working group.

This site contains updates about the evaluations, links to important documents and news media coverage, and other information designed to keep both the campus community and members of the public informed of the process.


Over the last several years, a number of groups have studied and discussed how IPFW could grow to better meet the needs of the northeast Indiana region.

The most recent analysis was launched as a result of a legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly, part of the budget legislation passed in April 2015. The legislature mandated a thorough study be conducted by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) and included representatives of IPFW, Purdue, IU, and the northeast Indiana community. This group became known as the "LSA working group."

The working group produced a series of recommendations about the future governance of IPFW. Along with those recommendations, the LSA released its own report outlining information presented to the working group and IPFW's representatives on the working group released a separate response to the recommendations.